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About Us

Finding Your True Self


You will discover all the answers to questions about yourself from within. True wisdom enters into your

mind through self-reflection. The method is a very simple, step-by-step process that anyone

can easily follow. A total of 7 levels are achieved within the entire program. 

Anybody can do our Meditation


Don't worry if you're a beginner, our method is so simple

that even a child can do it (in fact, they do!) You'll be 

challenged relative to where you're at so our

meditation is open for all levels.

Customized Personal Consultation


A meditation expert will provide personal consultation

and guide the meditation method level by level. 

No prior meditation experience necessary :)



Positive changes, brighter days...

I am able to sleep like a baby, laugh more and feel no depression, and make hard choice more easily. I feel reborn and find the peace I've been longing for.

Gloria R. / Registered Nurse

Able to stay focused...

Already within the first week, I felt I had more focus doing my job. Working with computers, I need patience and focus throughout the day. Instead of moving around or thinking about something else, I can stay still as well.

Hjortur H. / Web Programmer, CEO

See beyond the physical...

I can see beyond the physical. Its easier to respond on a deeper level to people. I can provide what people need in that moment.

Anthony V. / Non-Profit Organization Marketer

Full of vitality...

My overall health felt much better and immune system became much stronger. I am full of energy. I was so amazed and questioned how such a miracle could happen.

Maria K. / Preschool Teacher

Full concentration...

I truly am able to live in the moment as I can concentrate fully. I have no roaming thoughts in my head.

Rebecca J. / University Student

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Better yet, see us in person!

We are nestled in a cozy and quiet office next to a beutiful pond, perfect for a deep and peaceful meditation. Stop by anytime and ask about our free introductory lecture :)

Irvine Meditation

1526 Brookhollow Dr. #76, Santa Ana, Ca 92705

(949) 502-5337


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